About Me

For more than half my life I have suffered from the autoimmune disease Crohns.

It all started when I was 21. I had just had my second child when I fell violently ill, but I couldn’t find help anywhere. 

I was eventually diagnosed with Crohns and given two choices;

I could either have a colostomy, removing my bowel and replacing it with a bag.


I could spend three months in hospital be fed intravenously and give my bowel to heal.

At such a young age and with two small children at home, neither were attractive options.

My mother encouraged me to try alternative medicine.  A beautiful naturopath then helped me and made things manageable for the following years, but the extreme pain never went away.

Crohns does not take holidays. I would constantly be inflamed and exhausted.

My bowel would sometimes become so swollen from the inflammation It would cause a complete obstruction and I’d need to have a bowel resection or take some heavy medication to control the damage.

 The specialist warned me these episodes would be my ‘normal’ and would escalate until eventually, I’d have no bowel left to remove.

 I had so many more plans than this for my life


I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I made a decision, ‘If it was going to be its up to me’

And I have to say I was scared shitless!

I would need to go against the experts and try my own methods – and what the hell did I know,

I’m no doctor…

What if this fails and I get sicker?

Who the hell do I think I am??

But It had gone far enough.

After 30 years In desperation I decided to take the leap and be responsible for my own health.

There was much I needed to learn, but with a lot of bravado and determination I began.

A studied Nutrition, tried many different protocols, practitioners’ programmes and courses. I became my own experiment.

I had to learn to listen to my body carefully. Recognising warning signs and not masking them with drugs.

I made simple changes to my diet – and one by one I learnt what changes made a difference.

With each small win I gained confidence. This was really working… Thirty years of blindly believing the experts that food made no impact to my condition began to slip away. 

Everyday I became stronger and more resilient. My energy improved, my depression dissolved, the pain disappeared.

The debilitating 10 to 30 times a day diarrhoea stopped. Finally, I could absorb some nutrition with what bowel remained.

Even the simplest changes to my diet equated to massive health benefits. Far bigger than any medication or suggestion made before.

Every small win and discovery gave me hope and with that, grew my confidence in taking control of my own health.

Within the first year, I took myself off immune suppressants.

The next 6 months saw me free from Anti- depressants

 After two years, a colonoscopy showed no sign of Crohns.

And now, after four years, I feel AMAZING!

We were brought up in a different time, when people didn’t ever question health professionals, and when you are really ill, exhausted in both body and mind – you are desperate for someone to just fix it for you and quickly!

But what I have learnt is that health and wellness is an ‘inside job’

Our bodies are working hard to heal themselves if we just give them the tools they need. 

 I want to share what I have learnt, so other people can see the enormous impact these simple small changes can make to the quality of their lives.

I have a serious passion for cooking, so my workshop is my kitchen.

The healing began here and now is seeping out into my community.

We learn what foods are kind to us and why.

We learn how to ferment and keep our belly bugs working for us.

We learn how everything is connected, body + mind+ environment.

We learn that taking the first step is hard but we need to


The Loving Larder is a place where age is just a number, illness  a subtle warning, and our wellness potential is firmly held in your own hands.

Understanding your body and the way it interacts with food, mindset, movement and your environment is key.

What a wonderful gift of knowledge you can pass down to your family and future generations

Small tweaks will give you wins, and those wins will grow into triumphs.

If I can do this, I absolutely know you can too.

Di Hutchison

The Loving Larder