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Initial Consultation $140.00

Initial Health Coaching consultations are 1 hour in duration.

We will review your health history, establish your health goals, consider what testing is required and set up a plan to get you started. Filling out a questionnaire provided on appointment confirmation, will help me set the foundations of your needs prior to your appointment date.

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45 minute Mentoring Consultation  $90.00

This 45 minute consultation is a health and nutrition mentor session. We can explore your individual needs and start to piece together some positive ways to move forward to maximise your health goals

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30 Minute Follow up consultation $65.00

Your 30 minute consultation is a check in with you to assess how you are progressing. Any milestones achieved, roadblocks experienced, observations, questions and setting personalised adaptations required to suit your ongoing goals

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15 Minute free consultation

Lets spend 15 minutes together to see if we are a good fit for you and your health goals.

Its a perfect time to give you any information you need regarding what is available through me at The Loving Larder

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The Body Boost Program Initial Consultation

This is an initial intake call for The Body Boost programme.

Please ensure that your information forms have been returned a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment time.

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