Jelly Oranges

Party food for kids … no need to send the room full of little guys into sugar overload crazy town 🥳😜🤢
These little wholefood treats were on the colourful table of goodies at a 4 year olds party recently and were a huge hit! The main ingredient featuring is gelatine – brilliant for joints hair skin nails and gut healing. Sounds much more appealing than a packet full of numbers,artificial colours, flavours and refined sugar!

Juice some oranges
Scoop out the pith from orange skins
Check out how many mls each orange half takes to fill
If there is not enough juice add a little water
Sweeten if needed – honey, maple or rapadura sugar
Add 1 tablespoon of gelatine sprinkled on top for each 200mls of liquid and allow to bloom (15 mins)
Gently warm until gelatine is dissolved
Fill the shells and allow to set in fridge – slice up like a real orange!

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