Kids Gummies

A firm favourite in this household! It’s the simplest recipe of all ☺️

Mix 1 tablespoon of beautiful organic gelatine with 100mls of liquid and refrigerate! The ratio doesn’t change no matter what flavour you are making. I generally use about 300mls + 3 tablespoons of gelatin to make a decent amount of gummies! Make them with your family’s tastebuds in mind, but also consider how you can support their health while your at it.

Some combinations I’ve used with a particular health goal in mind.

Immune system; orange juice or Kultured Wellness Immune tea, honey, turmeric and ginger.
Sleep and calming; Kultured Wellness Sleep tea, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Ashwaganda.
Focus; 100% Juice, MCT soluble powder, Lions Mane Mushroom Extract.
Powerhouse Probiotic; dissolve 200mls of juice with 3 tablespoons of gelatine, warm to dissolve the gelatine.

Allow to cool down a little then add 100mls of Kultured Wellness kefir ( this way we protect the good bacteria in the kefir by not overheating them!) Never ending options – just always keep the ratio of liquid to gelatine the same! I have some stock in at the Loving Larder – Comment or message to purchase and I will organise a delivery. Or you can order online

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