Pressure Cooker Bone Broth

The Magic Bone Broth – you can buy it or make your own… this is a cheats guide to making this liquid gold the easy way! Pre – made broths can be a little expensive, and making my own does mean I have a slow cooker bubbling away for long hours on the bench, so my solution was to use the pressure cooker and the results as you can see were fantastic!

You can use your broth as a cup of soupy goodness, (I put some leafy herbs grated quick cooking veggies like zucchini, baby spinach in my cup first add a big spoon of broth and top with boiling water) or in soups, casseroles, smoothies etc

Get that gorgeous stuff in your belly ❤️ But why? What does it do? It’s a veritable powerhouse!
It’s key for healing the gut wall.
Helps feed our microbes.
Full of glucosamine – for lining our belly.
Helps regulate your appetite and metabolism.
High in glutamine – for healing
Contains glycine – promoting energy and anti oxidising.

My favourites gelatine and collagen are in broth – great for skin, hair, nails, hormones, metabolism, digestion and the list goes on! And importantly at the moment, broths have been used for centuries to boost our immune systems – so what a perfect way to look after our families!

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